The decision dilemma in HR field

In the course of discharge of our responsibilities, we may have to take decisions-some simple but some are risky like transferring or terminating a unionist or laying off or disciplinary action against a unionist etc. Some are able to make up their minds fast. This brief is not meant for them. Some never want to take a decision on risky issues but keep on postponing them. This brief is not meant for them either. Some want to take decisions on [...]


Common gyan for career

How to evolve your social skills in modern work place? Become friends with people who are not of your age. It helps understand them and their perspectives. Hang out with people who do not speak the same language. It helps make your communication easy with them. Get to know some one who does not come from your social class. It matures your social behaviour. This is how you see the world. This is how you grow. These words are loaded with lot of practical [...]


Today’s theme for your work & life

Success- what really defines it We mostly take it as achieving our goals.No doubt. We set the course(planning) to achieve it.But really what defines success is staying on course(perseverance) even the sea is rough because by that only, you can reach your destination. Otherwise you give up. In career context, the rough weather may be miscommunication, strained relations,lack of support from boss, non- recognition of efforts or even toxic people around, culminating into anger, frustration or Helplessness. How to stay on course [...]


Multicare Services awarded with INDIA’S SMALL GIANTS 2016-17

Multicare Services has been recently awarded INDIA SME 100 Awards for the year 2017 presented by AXIS BANK supported by MINISTRY OF MICRO, SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES GOVERNMENT OF INDIA and organised by INDIA SME FORUM thereby scoring in the Top 100 in the overall evaluation of Financial & Non-Financial parameters amongst 33102 nominations. Multicare Services was also awarded with INDIA’S SMALL GIANTS 2016-17


Common errors & Costly outcomes

If your establishment has certified standing orders prescribing certain age – say 60 years as the age of retirement, then it is advisable to stipulate the same age as the age of retirement in the letter of appointment ( as a precaution) as the CSOs will prevail over the letter of appointment, though you may think that the employee accepted the condition by acknowledging the letter of appointment by signing on the copy thereof.


Provident Fund News

As per news on Provident Fund, following proposals are being considered. 75% of the corpus can be withdrawn by members after a month of termination of service; members will be allowed for pension after 10 years of contribution to EPS. *Please note that these are only proposals but not effective.


Key prohibitions for compliance under Labour laws

Double employment prohibited u/Shops Act (ref. State Act) & Factories Act sec.60. Employment of children who did not attain the age of 15 years prohibited u/ Shops Act( ref. relevant State Act) & Factories Act sec.67. Contract labour prohibited in works of perennial nature sec.10. Contract Labour (RA) Act. Prohibition of deduction of wages not authorised u/sec.7 of the Payment of Wages Act. Availing same benefits u/ESI & any other law prohibited u/Sec. 53 of ESI Act. Employment of women during the six month [...]


Industrial Disputes Act 1947 through the eyes of HR

Coverage What are covered Covers all industries where there is a systemic activity to produce goods or Services to satisfy material wants of society with the cooperation of persons hired for wages or reward by the employer irrespective of profit motive. Covers factories, commercial establishments.(sec.2(j) and Sec.2(ka)) Who are covered Covers all persons hired for wages/reward  by employer without any wage limit to do manual, un-skilled, skilled, clerical, technical, operational & supervisory work  and includes a terminated workman too except supervisors drawing wages exceeding [...]


ESI-Dependant parent-income criterion

Useful info for HR ESI-Dependant parent-income criterion Sec.2(11) of d ESI Act read with Rule 61-A of ESI rules, defines dependent parents as those whose income from all sources shall not exceed Rs.5000/- per month. This is meant only for information. in the service of HR – Team Multicare


Common gyan for work life

A good manager instructs others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to boast to others about himsel.He is an enforcer A great manager inspires others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to tell them how good they are. He is an influencer🕺🏻 So it is about evolving from good to great. True, while a good leader is prescriptive, a great leader is receptive to ideas, views & feed back from others. He is held in high esteem and talked about [...]