Payroll Management

When you are looking to access proven skills of past and present employees but don’t intend to increase head-count or payroll responsibilities – You can turn to Multicare.

Multicare keeps the records of your employees’ salaries and wages, bonuses, compensations, incentives, leaves, etc. Multicare saves your time and money by reducing the need for i-house trained payroll staff, purchasing and maintaining appropriate software packages and staying compliant with changed labour aws with respect to minimum wages, contributions, taxes.

Employer benefits include:

  • Single window solution for all pay roll processes;
  • Reduces Job Costs;
  • Reconciles payroll data;
  • Service deals with Multiple State authorities and respective laws on wages and contributions;
  • Keeping a track on deadlines for contributions and return filing;
  • Regular return filing of remittances;
  • Industry specific and Company personalize to suite your requirement;
  • Client & Employee Confidentiality maintained;
  • Accurate and Timely calculation of salary and other payouts.

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