Provident Fund News

As per news on Provident Fund, following proposals are being considered. 75% of the corpus can be withdrawn by members after a month of termination of service; members will be allowed for pension after 10 years of contribution to EPS. *Please note that these are only proposals but not effective.


Key prohibitions for compliance under Labour laws

Double employment prohibited u/Shops Act (ref. State Act) & Factories Act sec.60. Employment of children who did not attain the age of 15 years prohibited u/ Shops Act( ref. relevant State Act) & Factories Act sec.67. Contract labour prohibited in works of perennial nature sec.10. Contract Labour (RA) Act. Prohibition of deduction of wages not authorised u/sec.7 of the Payment of Wages Act. Availing same benefits u/ESI & any other law prohibited u/Sec. 53 of ESI Act. Employment of women during the six month [...]


Industrial Disputes Act 1947 through the eyes of HR

Coverage What are covered Covers all industries where there is a systemic activity to produce goods or Services to satisfy material wants of society with the cooperation of persons hired for wages or reward by the employer irrespective of profit motive. Covers factories, commercial establishments.(sec.2(j) and Sec.2(ka)) Who are covered Covers all persons hired for wages/reward  by employer without any wage limit to do manual, un-skilled, skilled, clerical, technical, operational & supervisory work  and includes a terminated workman too except supervisors drawing wages exceeding [...]


ESI-Dependant parent-income criterion

Useful info for HR ESI-Dependant parent-income criterion Sec.2(11) of d ESI Act read with Rule 61-A of ESI rules, defines dependent parents as those whose income from all sources shall not exceed Rs.5000/- per month. This is meant only for information. in the service of HR – Team Multicare


Common gyan for work life

A good manager instructs others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to boast to others about himsel.He is an enforcer A great manager inspires others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to tell them how good they are. He is an influencer?? So it is about evolving from good to great. True, while a good leader is prescriptive, a great leader is receptive to ideas, views & feed back from others. He is held in high esteem and talked about [...]