Common gyan for work life

A good manager instructs others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to boast to others about himsel.He is an enforcer?

A great manager inspires others to do their job.He looses no opportunity to tell them how good they are. He is an influencer??
So it is about evolving from good to great.

True, while a good leader is prescriptive, a great leader is receptive to ideas, views & feed back from others. He is held in high esteem and talked about in corporate corridors

So what are d indications for you to know where you stand between good to great?

*Watch this check list*

1.while talking to people,observe whether the whole conversation is about “I” & “me” but not “we” & “us”. If so change d number from singular (I) to plural(we).?
2.whether people are seeking your opinion frequently not only on work related issues but sometimes even on life related  issues. It means they trust you for your wisdom and maturity.

3.whether people often choose you to convey their views to top management. It means they regard you as an effective communicator.

4.There can be other sundry indications like hearing  “thank you”  from others which indicate that what you did to them, had value to them even if in a small way.
So sit n think about how you want to be looked or talked about by people to evolve from good to great. 0⃣1⃣2⃣3⃣4⃣5⃣

*Team Multicare in the service of HR*?