Evolve Through Personal Review of HR Performance in this Year

Evolution means turning out to be better than you were yesterday or yester year.The year 2018 is coming to an end in few days. So it is time for self review of HR performance in 2018 so that you can be ready with your action plan for 2019 by 1st Jan 2019. Such review helps you know where the HR was right, where it was wrong and the lessons to b learnt so that you as Professional, evolve in terms of leading the performance in 2019.

Some helpful suggestions

  1. Review your HR audit reports to find out compliance gaps so that you can take action for a fool-proof compliance in 2019.
  2. Go through the employee grievance data to take steps to remove the causes to improve employee happiness quotient in 2019.
  3. Review your attrition rates to detect cultural, financial and structural causes so that you can review your policies, compensation and benefit plans, hiring and employee engagement strategies etc., for better retention.
  4. Review your learning and development programme’s effectiveness in terms of behaviors, skills efficiency, productivity etc., to improve or replace them in the context of your skill requirement.
  5. Review your spending on various HR initiatives to assess their cost to benefit ratio so that you can cut costs by eliminating ineffective initiatives.
  6. Review other forms of feed back like surveys to feel the pulse of employees to measure up to their aspirations.

Trust this will help you in evolving in terms of your performance and leadership roles.