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Multicare also being an HR Outsourcing Company not only offers integrated and automated Employee Life cycle management, time and accurate payroll management along with self service access but also maintaining employee relations. As a part of the services Multicare also handles payroll restructuring, payroll planning, salary restructuring of the employees, leave management, performance management, employee development, work / life / wellness programs, drafting letters and policies. Multicare further offers consultations, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues.

Benefits of outsourcing HR services:

  • Accuracy in salary, wages, reimbursements, benefit calculations;
  • Managing complete Employee life cycle from onboarding to ext;
  • Compliance management by using best practices;
  • Pay slips, salary statements, Form 16, Leaves, Attendance, Reports, Policies, Appointment letters, through self service access;
  • Complete employee data – self service portal and Management dashboard;
  • Full & Final settlements;
  • Leave applications, complaints or any communication through the portal;
  • Assists in communication between employees and supervisors / management;
  • Corrective actions and planning, disciplinary actions, explanations and clarification of policies, laws code of conduct and procedures;
  • Grievance management;
  • Sexual Harassment issues / matters / complaints / redressal / inquiry / procedure / training, etc.

Multicare understands how important it is for your organisation to ensure smooth, efficient and transparent dealing with human resource.

Multicare facilitates strengthening of your business with high performing team of professionals dedicated to meeting your corporate goals. Multicare encompass a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organisation. Our delivery of HR consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results by extending support in the following areas:

  • Ongoing HR support;
  • Assistance with specific project or issue;
  • Strategic insight on labour issues;
  • Personalized HR experience heavily focused on your culture and business strategy;
  • Results based approach with the success of your business in mind;
  • Consulting services drives value to your

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