The decision dilemma in HR field

In the course of discharge of our responsibilities, we may have to take decisions-some simple but some are risky like transferring or terminating a unionist or laying off or disciplinary action against a unionist etc. Some are able to make up their minds fast. This brief is not meant for them. Some never want to take a decision on risky issues but keep on postponing them. This brief is not meant for them either.

Some want to take decisions on risky issues but hesitate to do so  because of lack of clarity of consequences of their decision. They keep consulting every one and then get so much contradicting data of advices, they will be confused and delay in taking decisions. This brief is meant for them.


  1. First they should stop consulting too many Consultants and consult only one or two key persons who have handled similar situations.
  2. Secondly what often works for many to get over the dilemma of taking uncomfortable decision is asking myself the following two questions:
  • What is the risk if I take decision to act?
  • How much of the consequences will be under control?
  • Is it more risky if  no  decision is taken?
  • Is it safe to postpone it?
  • Am I giving up my responsibility by not taking a decision?

You can ask as many relevant questions as possible to get clarity .

A comparative risk analysis, will provide you insights on acting positively and taking a decision.