Today’s theme for your work & life

Success- what really defines it

We mostly take it as achieving our goals.No doubt. We set the course(planning) to achieve it.But really what defines success is staying on course(perseverance) even the sea is rough because by that only, you can reach your destination. Otherwise you give up.

In career context, the rough weather may be miscommunication, strained relations,lack of support from boss, non- recognition of efforts or even toxic people around, culminating into anger, frustration or Helplessness.

How to stay on course then.

  1. Take a break and have fun with family and friends to rejuvenate. It helps the bad memories fade.
  2. Pick a short term small goal that is achievable and finish it. This gives you a sense of accomplishing it which makes you feel good and this motivates you to revisit your approach and plans for first goals.
  3. To manage negative emotions, adopt strategies lime substituting positive thoughts for negative ones, refraining from knee-jerk reactions to unpleasant situations but allow ‘cooling off’ time to enable you to manage anger etc. and to choose mature responses.